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Unlock Your Trading Potential

Are you tired of losing money on the Forex market?

Whether you're an experienced trader or just starting out, our NAS100 scalping EA is the perfect tool to help you maximize your Wins and minimize your risk. Don't miss out on the opportunity to join the elite group of traders who use automated trading software to their advantage.


  • 24/7 Auto Trading

    Auto open, managing and closing trades 24 hours of the day completely hands free. Guaranteed to never miss a trading setup even while you sleep.

  • No Human Emotions

    Human emotions are why 90% of traders lose money. Clevr strictly trades it’s strategy without human emotions interfering.

  • Passive Income

    Doesn’t require much attention or effort. Just install and The EA will handle all the trading using time tested systems.

Live Trading

Live Trading



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Client Reviews

Client Reviews

“I have been using the NAS100 scalping ea for over seven months now, testing it out on various demo accounts and now on a live challenge which is over the half way point of meeting the challenge objectives.”

Claudia Luise

“I can't recommend this enough. My friend recommended me this because she was making money. So I am starting this journey and I must say the owner is amazing and extremely helpful and humble. I hope he continues to help people and create a better world through his efforts and helping people like me!”

Moïse Niall

“Great experience and exceptional support! The Live Challenge was successfully passed and could not thank more The owner for his amazing support and knowledge in this industry. He is not only a mentor but also a great advisor!”

Zachery Monna

“NAS100 scalping EA is impressive! I tested it for a month before committing to the 100K Challenge, and it's incredibly profitable. It's a slow and steady path to a passive income, just as they say.”

Pól Emmett

“Very satisfied with the product and equally important, with the service. The owner is quick to respond to my questions which have been quite a few since this has been a new experience for me.”

Séraphine Zacharie

“Having spent a lot of money on useless EAs I was very sceptical about buying again especially as this EA is a little expensive.But Am Glad i did buy it now am up 10%”

Erik Magdeleine

“Awesome. Going on third week now. Testing 100K demo.”

Sylvestre Jeanette

“This EA is a beast after using it for 2 weeks on demo and just starting my prop firm challenge. Super hands free with little configuration needed.”

Dena Monna

“Customer service is always on point.”

Kip Miranda

“I’ve been testing the system for about 6 months now, I have seen it operate through many market conditions and continue to perform well.”

Armelle Woodie

“Customer service is amazing . I always get a quick response. Wish I got service like this everywhere I went. THANKS SO MUCH”

Dáithí Bentley

“NAS100 Scalping EA has been incredible for me!! Drawdown is low and almost always under 2%.A day ”

Cliff Shepherd

“I couldn't be more pleased with the NAS100 Scalping EA”

Juliane Toria

“This EA is the most comprehensive EA I’ve used & is perfect for prop firm challenges.”

Judi Réamann

“So far so good, especially the owner is so helpful.”

Gertrude Bessie

“It has been a good experience as the EAI purchased has changed my trading game.”

Seward Aifric


Unlock The Potential Of Your TRADING

With our NAS100 scalping EA, you'll enjoy lightning-fast execution, tight spreads, and advanced risk management features to ensure that your trades are not too risky. You can use the EA to trade different lot sizes, and it can be scaled up or down based on your preferences.

  • Specialized on Scalping Only Nas100.
  • Uses Advanced Trade Management.
  • Trade on 1 Minute Time-frame.
  • Only Risks 1% Per Trade.
  • Takes 2 Trades a Day Max.
  • Cuts Stop loss To Half when the trade is in +0.50% in profit.
  • The EA Moves Stop loss To Break-even when the trade is in +1% in profit.
  • The EA Moves Stop loss To +1% when the trade is in +2% in profit.
  • Sets are provided
  • Limited number of Buyers.
  • Free Demo available to download.

Minimum requirements and recommendations

  • Any broker with a low spread.I recommend or IC Markets.
  • Minimum initial deposit: $500 in accounts with 1:500 leverage.
  • Recommended initial deposit: $1000 in accounts with 1:500 leverage.
  • Leverage at least 1:100, 1:500 recommended
  • Account type: Hedging.
  • Use a VPS for the EA to work 24/7 (Optional).

⚠️ Risk Warning ⚠️

The forex market has a significant risk and before entering the market, complete the necessary and sufficient training courses and gain sufficient experience before making real trades in demo trades. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

⚠️ Legal Notice ⚠️

The automated trading EA are developed by NAS100 Scalping team and sold exclusively at The Tools are intended only for assisting with making trading decisions and not advising or instructing users to make any investment decision.
We do not guarantee any profit or any investment advice when using the products purchased on this site. The risks of trading and using any products or advice from this website is done so at the user’s own risk.



Installation is simple and explained in this video

Once you setup it up the first time, the rest will be fully automatic and you don’t need to change or check anything. The EA will open and close trades in profit automatically.

An email will be sent to you automatically after purchase. You just text us your Metatrader login ID and we will activate the EA for you.

It depends on the market conditions. Sometimes EA passes phase 1 in 10 days and sometimes in 20 days. The exact number of days cannot be said.

- 1 License, will be activated for you in only 1 account. - Unlimited licenses u can use the EA on unlimited accounts.

The EA obeys the rules. Controls the DDto 2% MAX. Sometimes it may not reach the desired profit according to the market conditions. In this situation, some Prop companies extend your account for 14 days.

Yes, you can run the bot on personal live account and funding account.

Yes , Message us on Telegram after purchase. Our colleagues will help you to install the EA without any problems. If requested, we will install it for you with AnyDesk software

All our robots work on MetaTrader4 and 5

It depends on your taste. Our EA work on all prop companies

No, It can only be used on PC and VPS

5 days a week from 9 am to 7 pm Holidays: 11 am to 5 pm London time

Telegram Social Media Email

After activating the bot, it is not possible to change the account number